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Linda Davidson

Reviewed easyJet

4 flights in last 2 weeks no issues.

Linda Davidson

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

Security clearance has improved greatly no waiting time.

Megan McCreedy

Reviewed Hughes

Simple and straightforward, good customer service.

Nadine Gillespie

Reviewed AXA

Have been with AXA for a few years now. We’re good to deal with to sort out any issues generally. However, when it came time for renewal my quote was higher than last year. When I spoke to customer services to see if they could give me a better deal they said no. I told them I would consider cancelling my policy. They did not try to keep me and cancelled to policy. Disappointing after being with them for so many years.

Linda Davidson

Reviewed AA

Issues getting temporary cover for driver under 25 disappointed

Linda Davidson

Reviewed Danske Bank

Easy to order foreign currency online and no charge just collect at selected branch

Victoria OHanlon

Reviewed More Th>n

Great home insurance have had to use them a few times and always dealt with fast and efficiently. Highly recommend

Helen Tillson

Reviewed AXA

I’ve been with AXA for 10 years and although I’ve never had to use the insurance (thankfully), every year, they send a renewal quote out that’s usually higher than the previous year, despite a growing number of no claims years and driving experience. However, I always find that if I go into the shop, they can give me a better deal. Not sure why this should ever be the case as surely it’s easier for them if I just renew online, so why not make it cheaper there??

Tessa Reid

Reviewed O2

Why can I never get decent signal with o2? You'd think with the amount of publicity about 5G I'd be able to at least get a 3G signal! Think its time for a change when my contract is up for renewal!

Marcus Gordon

Reviewed Firmus Energy

I've moved to a new house for Uni and it has gas heating - absolutely class! The man that came to activate the boiler etc was very pleasant and taught me all I need to know - I was clueless! Instant hot water for showers too!

Katie McKeown

Reviewed AXA

Moved house recently as I started University and wanted to change my address to my residence. Staff very nice and helpful BUT had to pay extra onto my monthly bill because I had changed post code- just be wary of this when you go to change your address!

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