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Yvonne Bell

Reviewed Dublin Airport

We flew in to Dublin Airport when visiting Ireland for the Open Championship - our flight ran very smoothly and we arrived with next to no hassle. However, when returning to the airport to fly back home the staff were not very helpful and the place seemed a little chaotic.

David Worthington

Reviewed British Airways

Having sat on a BA airline last week for over an hour only to be told my return flight had been cancelled. The staff were just as unaware of what was going on as the passengers. I understand unfortunate things can happen but when I went to rebook my flight with BA their app kept crashing and I had no other choice but to use another airline!

Amy Ballance

Reviewed Palma de Mallorca Airport

Flown out of Palma a few times now, great facilities and duty free excellent but a few issues as far as navigating the airport and clear signage. Having spent a lengthy time in the que for security with my husband and two year old daughter we were then told we had to go the the far side because we had a buggy yet there had been no obvious sign of this or a member of staff to direct families to this area. When we walked over there were only two ques and scanners which were quite congested . As you can imagine the number of families with young children and buggies is very high so I really think this system needs addressed.

Jonny Warke

Reviewed easyJet

First time in a long time I haven’t been delayed, plus on the return journey I was on a plane with more streamlined seats which meant you had a lot more leg room

Jonny Warke

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

Traveled through here on my way to Amsterdam. Security has seemed to improved vastly which I was very happy about.

Peter Gordon

Reviewed BT

Overall, a very very reliable phone and broadband connection, fast speed, stable.

Megan McCreedy

Reviewed Power NI

Top up metre was great, and app is easy to use and very handy. Never had any problems while we had it.

Megan McCreedy

Reviewed Faro Airport

Looks great, and arrivals very easy to find your way out to car hire and transfer area. Departures staff are friendly and professional; however very busy, layout is confusing, and quite slow even during quiet periods.

Megan McCreedy

Reviewed AXA

Have been with AXA for 8 or 9 years now and have never had a problem. MyAXA website is great as it allows me to view all documents in one place, change car details, and personal details very quickly and easily without needing to phone up which is very handy.

Megan McCreedy

Reviewed BT

Was having problems with connectivity and was experiencing very very poor signal. Spoke with customer service and, after a bit of confusion as to whether our area had fiber available, offered to replace our box and upgrade us. Signal much better.

Megan McCreedy

Reviewed O2

Never any bother with billing, and very easy to upgrade contracts/handsets on their website and click&collect service. Coverage and 3G/4G signal could definitely be better as it drops easily.

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