Werewolf Insurance

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Did you know that around 60,000 people have taken out werewolf insurance in case they are turned into a vampire or werewolf.

The University of Hertfordshire hosted the UK’s first International Werewolf Conference in 2015 to discuss werewolfism.

Kingston Upon Hull, a small city in Yorkshire has the most recent sightings of a werewolf in 2016. Folklore has it that Hull is the home of Old Stinker, The Beast of Barmston Drain who originated in the 18th Century.

Full moons and Halloween conjure up all kinds of thoughts and fears but for many it is a time for fancy dress and parties. Thailand’s monthly full moon party on the island of Koh Pha-Ngan is legendary, if a little wild.

Halloween only occurs once each year whereas there are 12 full moons each year, one each month. However, some years have 13 full moons and one of these is called the Blue Moon. And, about every 19 years there is no full moon in February and this is known as the black moon.

What happens on a full moon?

We all know a full moon is supposed to bring werewolves and vampires out in the open and some people believe its power to drive us mere mortals a little mad goes back to ancient times of legends and mythology. Around the time of a full moon, some police officers and hospital accident and emergency staff will suggest there are more accidents, violent incidents and psychiatric admissions when the full moon appears.

Some of the reported things that happen around a full moon include:

  • Sea turtles will lay their eggs
  • More babes are born
  • Sleep worsens
  • Dogs and wolves howl
  • Accident and Emergency units fill up
  • Crime rates go up
  • Peoples moods change


Witches and Werewolves

In years gone by, it was often thought that mental illness was caused by the moon, hence the name lunatic (who knew). Lunacy and lunatic are derived from the word luna, the latin word for moon and people were more likely to show erratic behaviour during a full moon. Lunar theory known as the lunar effect is the idea that there is correlation between moon cycles and human behaviour.

The full moon has even been held responsible for supernatural transformations, changing harmless people into werewolves, hence werewolf insurance.


Full Moon Names

Full moons have names and are aligned with the Native American Calendar and for the rest of 2019 the following dates and names are scheduled:

13 October 2019 Hunters Moon
12 November 2019 Beaver Moon
12 December 2019 Cold Moon

After the harvest moon in September comes the hunter's moon in October. The hunter's moon is particularly bright and long in the sky, giving hunters the opportunity to stalk prey at night.
January is the Wolf moon and perhaps this is the one to look out for.

Insurance Premiums

With the upcoming full moon on 13th October, you may be concerned with what might present itself, you could approach the Lloyds of London who may be able to help.
Lloyds of London are one of the providers offering a Vampire and Werewolf Insurance policy. You can even extend this to include Zombie Apocalypse cover; just in case you think you might need it.

As with any insurance policy we recommend you check the small print!

For the record, we are not aware of any claims having been approved and subsequently paid. Perhaps you could be the first…………

However, given the list of things that can happen during a full moon, maybe, just maybe, the insurance industry has got this one wrong, it might not be werewolf insurance that is required, perhaps its full moon insurance.

If you do purchase a policy, tell Q review who you purchased it from, how much it cost and what cover it provides. Have you made a claim? We would love to hear your claims process and what information you had to provide.