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Whether this is your first or final year as a student, your mind will be consumed with all things University. Where to live, where to eat, what classes to take and of course how many weekends to visit home purely for laundry purposes!

There are however, a few important elements to student life that you may not have considered before setting off on a very exciting chapter of your life.

Sure, you’ll figure out the best bars, the reliable taxi firms and the bus timetables but have you ever thought about other aspects of ‘adulting’?

Take insurance for example - phone, tablet and car to name a few.

You’ve managed to carry an enormous pile of text books up 3 flights of stairs because the lift is broken..... again! You reach into your pocket to Instagram the moment from the top of the staircase and those sweaty fingers get the better of you. Phone smashed and tears stream. Student finance budget certainly doesn’t cover a new phone and you’ll have no choice but to dig out the trusty Nokia 3310, more commonly known as ‘Mr Indestructible’.


Now picture this, it’s 8pm, super noodles and turkey dinosaurs just didn’t quite keep the hunger away. You jump in the car and providing it starts first time it’s off to the supermarket (no, stay clear of M&S, we’re trying to save money here). However, from the moment you first arrived at student halls you noticed the tight squeeze through the pillars to the car park. But in classic Hamilton style you whizz through and the inevitable happens. Now, we’re not mechanics but I can assure you the expense of a broken wing mirror and a hefty dent in the front of the car could set back you back a few weeks financially.

All joking aside, insurance is important. It’s an industry that is rapidly growing and for good reason. With Q Review we offer a platform with advice and recommendations from your peers – those in the exact same position as you. An easy to use, free review website and app that can help you to make better decisions about your insurance providers.


Q Review also offer reviews for companies in the telecommunications and energy sectors.

Whether its student halls or private tenancy everyone expects reliable service for their broadband and mobile network provider. The last thing anyone wants is for the broadband to slow down the night before an assignment is due especially if an all-nighter is required because you’re still writing the title!

Or, you’ve promised your niece you’ll facetime every other day and although it’s a long walk back home after an 8-hour day you can’t go back on that promise. But 4G is down, you can’t have possibly used your data allowance already, how will you explain to a 5 year old that you simply couldn’t connect and more importantly how on earth will you boomerang a video of your walk home if the internet will not work?

These are just a couple of things that can happen. Most of the time it’s just bad luck! But if it isn’t and questions need to be answered it’s good to be sure the customer service you receive when you contact a company is nothing but the best. Visit Q Review and tell others how you’ve resolved an issue or to offer recognition to businesses that offer first-class service, this will help others in their purchasing decisions.

There are plenty of very useful University guides out there, they’ll tell you how to save money, how to stay safe when you’re out and about and the best places to eat and drink.

Q Review's Ultimate Student Guide

  • Do your research! Yes, by the end of this academic year that word will become a nothing but a nightmare. However, we don’t want you to statistically analyse anything, just read up on ways to make your life easier. Ensure you’re getting the right deal on your phone contract, that your insurance is up to date and that your energy provider isn’t too expensive.
  • Chat with your parents. They’re boring and bossy but they know a lot more than you do about life outside of the family home. You’d be surprised how many times each and every one of us has picked up the phone to ask for advice that was already offered some time before.
  • Going home. Q Review offer reviews on airlines and airports too so if you’re having to catch a flight home check out the advice given by others. I’m not sure how much dirty laundry you can fit into hand luggage, but we’ll leave that one up to you!
  • Bank clever. Okay so you’ve used the same bank since your mum took you to get your first money box with a bank logo. However, if you look around you may find something more suited to your needs. Check out the banking & finance section on the app and website to find out what banks others in a similar position have used and the benefits they have had.
  • TELL US! We want to hear from you. Sign up to Q Review and even on the go share your experience with the world. Give companies the opportunity to understand the service they are providing so they can tailor their customer service accordingly. Your voice matters and someday you could make a huge difference in someone’s student life just by sharing your reviews with Q Review.