Sixt Goes Digital With Car Rental App

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With the advent of summer holiday bookings and increasing business travel Sixt the German car rental company is revolutionising the car rental market across airport destinations with digitising its car rental process. This brings a new dynamic to car rental in Europe. Presently, Sixt customers arriving at large airports in Germany can select their vehicle digitally up to 30 minutes prior to the start of the rental period. Customers can disembark their aircraft, go to the car park and open the vehicle using the Sixt app, negating the need to visit the car rental desk.

This service will be rolled out to other airports across Europe throughout 2019 and should make the travel experience of business customers and holiday makers alike a more seamless transition from plane to car.

For the time pressed business traveller and the often fraught family traveller with copious amounts of luggage and small children arriving at their airport destination after a 3 – 4 hour flight, this should have significant appeal.

Airport car rental continues to be a growth market and this digital offering which connects the customer directly with their rental vehicle without the rental desk queue and administrative burden of form filling and document checking should have potential to increase market share.