Family Travel:The best airports for travelling with kids

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Any parent will know that going on holiday can be an overwhelming, stressful, and daunting experience when travelling with young children.

Not only do you have to navigate them through the airport as seamlessly as possible, but you also need to keep them entertained throughout the long wait times.

In this blog post, we will look at six of the best family-friendly airports and the facilities they offer.

1. Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Zurich Airport topped Play Like Mum’s recent 100 best family-friendly airports in Europe. The popular parenting website compared 100 European airports and considered everything from queuing times to baby-changing facilities, children’s play areas, family lounges and airport terminal cleanliness.

Zurich Airport was in the number one spot, boasting high scores across cleanliness and the availability of terminal seating. They also offer two dedicated family lounges and children’s play areas, as well as pushchair facilities. In addition, there’s a sleeping and breastfeeding area for babies, while older kids can enjoy a video game area, craft corner or table football.


2. Chicago O’Hare International Airport, USA

It’s not often you would find a complete dinosaur skeleton in an airport, but if anything will entertain the little ones for a while, it’s this. Chicago O’Hare Airport is kitted out with a reconstructed Brachiosaurus skeleton, as well as the ‘Most Awesome Airport Play Area’, according to Nickelodeon.

Fly Chicago state “the airport has long served as a canvas for the city’s public arts with an emphasis on local and global interests.” The City of Chicago’s world-renowned Public Art is reflected in dozens of sculptures, paintings and murals which showcase the city’s exciting art scene. This is a sure-fire way to amuse the most attention-starved child but might involve a lot of walking around on your behalf.


3. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands

Schiphol airport is increasingly a global airport hub with passenger numbers exceeding 71 million in 2018. Accordingly, the airport has put significant investment into its facilities.

For families these include a baby-care lounge which can be found in the main terminal with cribs, changers and comfortable seating for exhausted parents. If you have older kids, they can burn off energy in the aeroplane-themed play zone and there are huge stuffed animals they can jump on top of, what’s not to love?

There’s also a satellite of the Amsterdam Science Museum, a library and post-security balcony providing a front-row seat for takeoffs and landings.


4. Munich International Airport, Germany

With eight dedicated play areas, a nursery/family lounge and pushchair facilities, it’s no wonder Munich International Airport was ranked number 2 on Play Like Mum’s list.

The airport allows kids to play, climb, draw and slide all under the watchful gaze of a staffed childcare centre. However, if that wasn’t enough to entertain them for a few hours, there’s a nearby Visitor’s Park with mini-golf and a trampoline. There’s even a nappy vending machine in Terminal Two!

With an airport like this, we can understand why people rave about it just as much as the city itself.


5. Heathrow Airport, London

Parents can enjoy travelling with kids at London’s Heathrow airport for the child friendly facilities on offer. There are three play areas across three terminals and lots of child-friendly food options, including “kids-eat-free” deals. There is a free family lounge that includes additional play facilities, a quiet room, game zone and baby nursing area.

The airport hosts themed children’s events throughout the year and parents are treated to individual family parking spaces with extra room. As well as that, they can avail of their family airport buddy service.


6. Changi Airport, Singapore

How many airports can say they have an exhibit of over 1,000 butterflies, a 24/7 cinema showing the latest blockbusters and a four-storey, 12 m slide? Additionally, there are five different play areas and even a rooftop swimming pool! We’d recommend you go to the airport a few hours before check-in just to enjoy all the facilities on offer.


Do you have a favourite family-friendly airport? If so, tell us about it and how it made your family travel experience an enjoyable one - why not rate and share your experience on Q-review?