Bulb lowers its gas price for 1 million customers

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Energy supplier Bulb has announced a decrease in the price of gas for its 1 million customers. The 2% decrease will result in average bills reducing by around £20 per year.

Bulb is the eighth biggest energy supplier in the UK amassing 1 million customers and is the first large supplier to lower its gas price.

The lower gas price has come about due to the recent fall in wholesale gas costs by around 12% since December last year. Bulb is he first large energy supplier to pass this saving to its customers.

Bulb is the biggest green energy supplier in the UK and prides itself on its green credentials. It supplies its customers with 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas with its renewable gas originating from food and farm waste. This green outlook appeals to consumers coupled with a single tariff that is £273 cheaper than the big six standard deals.

Bulb’s values seem to embody its green credentials and pricing strategy:

Simpler, Cheaper, Greener