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As we near the 19th September 2019, Downtown Las Vegas is reportedly gearing up for an influx of visitors (alien hunters) hoping to attend an Area 51 Celebration.

Earlier this year a Facebook post entitled “Storm Area 51” attracted the attention of extraterrestrial enthusiasts. It had previously been suggested that up to 200,000 alien hunters would descend on Area 51 on the 20th September.
However, this has since been cancelled!!!!
The raid has now been replaced with a 'top-secret' event entitled 'Area 51 Celebration' held in Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.

It still begs the question, why the sudden interest and what exactly has made people look to this remote part of the United States of America that supposedly houses aliens.

Area 51 is a magnet for conspiracy theorists from captured aliens being held inside the facility to a crashed soviet aircraft piloted by mutated midgets. Some say the lights which shine brightly in the sky from this facility are aliens communicating with the facility and trying to contact their captured cousins.

What is not disputed is that it is a highly sensitive military installation which is fiercely protected from the outside world.

Where is Area 51

The road to and from Area 51 is an unmarked dusty track that leads to the front gate. The main Route 375 was renamed by the state of Nevada as the Extraterrestrial Highway and destinations such as the Alien Research Centre and the Little A’Le’ Inn in the town of Rachel with a population of around 54 dot the road.

The upshot is that whilst you may find your way to Area 51, you will probably hear nothing or see nothing and maybe that’s what captivates so many, the actual unknown of Area 51.


Q review does not support or encourage a mass following of visitors to Area 51 or indeed, to any military establishment. However, for those who are undeterred by the authorities, you might want to protect yourself, your family and your friends in the event, that aliens might seek to abduct you.

There is an insurance policy that you can take out to protect yourself called Alien Abduction Insurance. However, as with every insurance policy it has terms and conditions attached to it and we recommend you check the small print.

How much cover can I get and how much will it cost?

Your cover and how much it costs may depend on where you live. Over 40,000 policies have been sold so far. Cover varies across providers, but one quote provides approximately $160,000 of cover for around $150 per annum. One provider offers digital lifetime plans.

So, when you are out at night or even during the day and you see those unidentified flying objects soaring through your skies, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are financially protected in the event of that potential close encounter.

Below are a couple of companies that provide the necessary cover in the event of that alien abduction into the unknown:

  • Lloyds of London
  • Saint Lawrence Agency, Altamont Springs, Florida


Travel Tips

Area 51 is just over 150 miles from Las Vegas and should take around three hours to get there. Once you have exited the airport, find your way to Route 375 and here are some travel tips for your onward journey to Area 51:

  • Remember you are visiting the desert, take plenty of water, snacks and the correct clothing for hot days and cold nights.
  • Phone service and GPS may be limited so make sure you have up to date maps of the area.
  • Petrol stations are few and far between, so carry spare fuel and tyres.
  • UFOs and their alien passengers have right of way, so respect their journey.
  • Do not breach any perimeter fences or trespass. If you do and are caught you are likely to face arrest and a hefty fine or indeed worse. Whilst you might not see anyone, they will almost definitely see you………………..


Tell us your story and share your experience

For those of you who are travelling to Area 51, tell us how you got there, which airline or airlines you used and airports you went through and what they were like.

And, most importantly, did you get your alien abduction insurance cover? Which company did you use? What did it cost and how much cover did you get?

Share your story with us and others in the Q review community.