A morning in the life of a business traveller

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Racking up frequent flier miles, skipping the queue to the executive lounge and boarding the plane in the fast track lane might seem exciting, glamorous and an amazing way to travel, but the life of a business traveller can be hectic too.

Here’s what a typical morning for a business traveller with an aircraft departure time of 7am looks like:

Rise and Shine

04:00 – Alarm goes off.

04:05 – 04:25 Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumping …oh wait, this isn’t a Dolly Parton song. You get dressed quietly, so you don’t disturb your other half – they will not be pleased!

04:25 – 04:35 Head to the kitchen and make a quick coffee. The dog looks at you confused as to whether it’s time to go out, get breakfast but doesn’t realise what is going on. He yawns, stretches and closes his eyes as he must be dreaming.

04:40 – Fix your hair, spray some perfume or aftershave and brush your teeth. Unfortunately, for your other half, this can’t be done quietly.

04:50 – Grab your bags, check car keys, phone, passport, wallet etc. Pour another coffee into your travel mug for the road.

04:55 – Creep out of the house quietly – again, you're not quiet when you do this.


The Early Bird Catches the Worm

05:00 – Hit the road for the airport. It’s a one-hour drive, so you’ve already got your favourite morning tunes preloaded and ready to wake you up. Where is Dolly Parton when you need her?

06:00 – Arrive at the airport and pay the extortionate car parking charge.

06:10 – Stand in the queue for the airport security. This is time-bound depending on how many people are at the airport, or how many once-a-year travellers there are, who are frustratingly slow and not prepared. You’ll use this time to check the phone for emails and scroll through Facebook and laugh at funny dog memes.

06:20 – Success - you’ve got through security in under ten minutes. That’s a record! You often time yourself and use it to compare to the next trip, like a little competition in your own head.

06:22 – Scan the departure boards and pray that everything is running smoothly. If you’re delayed, you’re going to have to reschedule everything that you’ve already planned for the day ahead. Luckily, today everything is on time so you can relax in the departure lounge and wait for the big tin bird to arrive.

06:25 – Time for your third coffee of the day. No, your hand isn’t shaking, you’re fine. Maybe you should get something to eat while you’re here. Yes, breakfast sounds like a good idea. You’ll have the eggs.

– *Bing Bong* - your gate is announced, and you head for the queue.

07:00 – Thankfully, the aircraft departs on time. You plug in your headphones, sit back and close your eyes for what feels like a split second and then boom; you’ve touched down in sunny London Town.


Touch down

08:25 – Disembark aircraft at Stansted and make your way to the train to Liverpool Street. You’ll send a quick message to your other half and let them know you’ve arrived safely. They’ll reply soon and say how they’re happy you let them know, but they’ve also been awake since you left as you made so much noise, left the lights on in the kitchen, woke the dog up, woke the kids up.

09:25 – You’ve already been up for five hours, but now your working day begins. You arrive at the office and prepare for the first meeting of the day.

10:00 – You’re ready for a day of meetings and ticking things off your to-do list. You love catching up with everyone in the office over here, and you’re feeling great with a clear mind after your fourth coffee of the day.


This is all dependent upon whether the point at which the alarm goes off and you get up until you arrive at your destination and everything runs smoothly i.e.

The alarm goes off, and you get up on time.

- You don’t forget to take everything with you (bags, wallet, keys, phone, laptop etc.)

- The car starts.

- The car journey is hiccup-free.

- Car Parking is easily done.

- Airport Security is seamless and not hindered by queues or slow-moving people.

- Aircraft departs on time.

- Aircraft arrives on time.

- You disembark the aircraft quickly.

- Your onward travel is seamless (train is on time or no long queues on the motorways or traffic jams.

- All of the above can be weather dependent and seasonal.

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