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Claire Newell

Reviewed Manchester Airport

Security is very slow, make sure you have checked everything and again if they find something or you're selected for a random search it could take 30+minutes, not ideal in a rush!

Cj Leijen

Reviewed Vattanac Bank

I withdrew money from your atm and discovered your atm produced one fake 100 dollar note. Went inside bank talked to the manager and he told me it would be investigated. 10 days later got email saying that fake note did not come from vattanac bank. So vattanac bank is refusing to take responsibility for their mistake. Thanks a lot. I advise everyone on Facebook and other internet dont do business with a bank you cannot trust !

Lindy Kool

Reviewed Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Very big and clean airport, but the queues can be awful. When arriving from a flight with young children and a buggy it can be a very long walk from the plane to where they left the buggy for you, which is impossible when it's just you! So overall good but could be a bit more accommodating for families with young kids.

Jonny Warke

Reviewed Hastings Direct

Just purchased my home and contents insurance with them. Quick, easy and £23 a month cheaper than Admiral. Also got lost or stolen key insurance thrown in for free!

Jonny Warke

Reviewed Admiral

Once again renewal price is a joke, managed to get my house insurance £23 a month cheaper with Hastings

Kirsty Caldwell

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

Security is usually a bit slow,otherwise no complaints!

Kirsty Caldwell

Reviewed First Trust

Lodgements are always taken care of quickly but the Coleraine Branch is a bit slower with other services

Kirsty Caldwell

Reviewed Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amazing airport even just for public transport into the city centre and to neighbouring hotels

Linda Davidson

Reviewed easyJet

4 flights in last 2 weeks no issues.

Linda Davidson

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

Security clearance has improved greatly no waiting time.

Megan McCreedy

Reviewed Hughes

Simple and straightforward, good customer service.

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