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Tessa Reid

Reviewed O2

Why can I never get decent signal with o2? You'd think with the amount of publicity about 5G I'd be able to at least get a 3G signal! Think its time for a change when my contract is up for renewal!

Marcus Gordon

Reviewed Firmus Energy

I've moved to a new house for Uni and it has gas heating - absolutely class! The man that came to activate the boiler etc was very pleasant and taught me all I need to know - I was clueless! Instant hot water for showers too!

Katie McKeown

Reviewed AXA

Moved house recently as I started University and wanted to change my address to my residence. Staff very nice and helpful BUT had to pay extra onto my monthly bill because I had changed post code- just be wary of this when you go to change your address!

Katie McKeown

Reviewed HSBC

Just read a blog for students on Q Review Insta & wanted to share something with you guys. First year at uni and spoke to a rep for HSBC about student accounts - £100 cashback and an overdraft straight away! Really good service!

Alien Ned

Reviewed Alien Air

Just arrived in Las Vegas and I can see that Alien Bob has already arrived. My journey took a lot longer (the last minute change of venue didn't help) and there was a lot of space junk to navigate around. If any of my earthling friends want to catch up, give me a shout but don't forget your alien abduction insurance before jumping onboard my craft! Alien Ned

Alien Bob

Reviewed Alien Air

Just touched down in Las Vegas after some last minute planning for Area 51 Celebration. The journey only took a couple of light years to get here and the air traffic wasn't too bad. Found this Q Review site so if you want to hook up, put your journey on Q Review and we can chat. Alien Bob

Jemma Irwin

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

New security set up is very professional and quick. Enjoyable lounge with nice food & drink. Helpful staff ensured I didn't miss my flight when running late also!

Robert Mackham

Reviewed British Airways

Normally really enjoy flying with BA. However, I was caught up in the fiasco at Heathrow last week. I accept things can go wrong and delays can occur but what I cannot accept is the failure to communicate what is wrong and no members of staff available to ask and answer questions. There was a disappearing act among BA staff which only added to the chaos. If something goes wrong, at least front up and be available for your passengers.

William Warke

Reviewed AXA

Renewed my car insurance with Axa. Renewal quote was higher than last year for 2 cars so contacted them to ask why. After confirming there were no changes to either driver the price was reduced by £93. Whilst the call centre was good to deal with, question remains why can insurance companies not just offer you the most competitive quote without having to call them? Advice to others is never ever accept the renewal quote, always challenge it and see if you can get it cheaper.

Yvonne Bell

Reviewed Dublin Airport

We flew in to Dublin Airport when visiting Ireland for the Open Championship - our flight ran very smoothly and we arrived with next to no hassle. However, when returning to the airport to fly back home the staff were not very helpful and the place seemed a little chaotic.

David Worthington

Reviewed British Airways

Having sat on a BA airline last week for over an hour only to be told my return flight had been cancelled. The staff were just as unaware of what was going on as the passengers. I understand unfortunate things can happen but when I went to rebook my flight with BA their app kept crashing and I had no other choice but to use another airline!

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