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Katie McKeown

Reviewed AXA

Moved house recently as I started University and wanted to change my address to my residence. Staff very nice and helpful BUT had to pay extra onto my monthly bill because I had changed post code- just be wary of this when you go to change your address!

William Warke

Reviewed AXA

Renewed my car insurance with Axa. Renewal quote was higher than last year for 2 cars so contacted them to ask why. After confirming there were no changes to either driver the price was reduced by £93. Whilst the call centre was good to deal with, question remains why can insurance companies not just offer you the most competitive quote without having to call them? Advice to others is never ever accept the renewal quote, always challenge it and see if you can get it cheaper.

Megan McCreedy

Reviewed AXA

Have been with AXA for 8 or 9 years now and have never had a problem. MyAXA website is great as it allows me to view all documents in one place, change car details, and personal details very quickly and easily without needing to phone up which is very handy.

Wayne Davidson

Reviewed AXA

I’ve never had an issue with AXA insurance in the past but to charge a valued customer over £40 when changing an address because the house is situated 11 minutes drive from the previous! Surely this charge should be waved considering over 6 years using AXA and no claims.... sort it out!

Wayne Davidson

Reviewed Halifax

Having sent my wife’s new debit card to the wrong address (after she specifically went into the branch to change address after recently moving home to avoid any mixup).... and with the new contactless feature and all relevant details for online transactions visible on said card I am outraged! When speaking with a member of staff face to face this should not happen! Mistakes can be made yes... but a half hearted apology and cancellation of this card 2 weeks later is not acceptable. I cannot understand how this can happen with so many fraud safeguards in place!

Jacqui Warke

Reviewed Admiral

Was an admiral multi-car policy holder for many years. When my renewal was due they quoted a very expensive price. When I questioned this they were suddenly able to offer me a cheaper price. Why not offer this in the first place? Went elsewhere

Tina Campbell

Reviewed Halifax

Very competitive prices. When I got my renewal quote it was much dearer than last year but when I ran they gave me a discount and it’s now less than last year!

Scott Lowe

Reviewed AA

Saved me a few times n always straight forward

Jonny Warke

Reviewed Admiral

First year I have a very reasonable policy with them but the following year they wanted to increase my policy my over £300. This seems to be a reoccurring theme with admiral.

Emma Neill

Reviewed AXA

Excellent company, honestly couldn’t fault them. I have been a customer for about 5 years, and for the first time I needed to claim a few weeks ago. As another car had hit me, I wasn’t sure of the procedure, and although I got all their details - they weren’t answering the phone. I rang AXA who did everything for me, contacted the lady, booked my car in for repair and arranged the hire car for me. Other than the car swap, everything was hassle free.

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