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Marcus Gordon

Reviewed Firmus Energy

I've moved to a new house for Uni and it has gas heating - absolutely class! The man that came to activate the boiler etc was very pleasant and taught me all I need to know - I was clueless! Instant hot water for showers too!

William Campbell

Reviewed Firmus Energy

Firmus have a solid customer service and response time to emergency call outs, however online topups would be fantastic.

Carla Brazier

Reviewed Airtricity

Changed to airtricty after budget energy price increases was costing a fortune. Thankfully airtricty has been much better with 10 pound of electricity lasting a week, whereas this was only lasting us 2-3 days. Happy with the service and the price.

Victoria OHanlon

Reviewed Firmus Energy

Been with firmus since we bought our house. We have the top up meter and it’s so easy to top up. Only thing to note is that not all pay points keep the extra cards if you lose yours, you have to buy one take it home register it and then take it back down to add money onto it. Other than that we have no complaints.

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