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Linda Davidson

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

Security clearance has improved greatly no waiting time.

Jemma Irwin

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

New security set up is very professional and quick. Enjoyable lounge with nice food & drink. Helpful staff ensured I didn't miss my flight when running late also!

Jonny Warke

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

Traveled through here on my way to Amsterdam. Security has seemed to improved vastly which I was very happy about.

Tina Campbell

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

This was my first time travelling as a disabled traveller and the staff at Belfast international airport were amazing. I was given a wheelchair and asked if I needed a member of staff to push me . Although I didn’t the fact that I could get help if needed was such a relief and made our journey through the airport problem free .They couldn’t have been more helpful and nothing was a bother. Also when we returned home a member of staff was waiting at the steps of the plane with a wheelchair to take me inside. Excellent service!

Jamie Doherty

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

First time travelling in ages and it was a quick and easy to navigate about although the actual airport security check was so unorganised, messy and confusing for something that should be straightforward!

Linda Davidson

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

Issues with security on arrival at airport seems to be resolved now need to do the same with passport control when returning to NI. Long wait only two staff at passport control

Michael Crossan

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

Slow check in and very slow security with limited toilet facilities for such a large volumes of travellers. A few restaurants, cafes and shops - buy your gifts before you travel.

Robert Mackham

Reviewed Athens International Airport

Travelled to and from Athens Airport from Dublin. Really quite impressed with this airport. Wide open spaces, bright and airy with good signposting. Travelling on early morning flight from Athens to Dublin, airport was busy but baggage drop off desks were all occupied and the processing was quick and efficient. Similar with security, where passenger processing was effective and efficient. Good choice of retail outlets for food and beverages which were reasonably priced; other airports should take note. Highly recommend this airport, good customer experience.

Amy Dobson

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

6am flight so arrived at the airport at 4am, go swiftly through security and was pleasantly surprised that all the shops were just opening ... nice easy start to my holiday

Scott Lowe

Reviewed Belfast International Airport

If your lucky with security it’s all good can be hit or miss tho

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