Pet Insurance - Is it worth it?

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Our 4-legged friends, our furry little pals, the child least likely to talk back... just a few of the endearing ways we refer to our pets.

We walk them, feed them and tend to their every need and the thought of anything happening to them is unbearable.

Many pet owners take the responsible route and purchase a pet insurance policy. This can help in the event that your pet requires veterinary treatment for an illness or accident. Like many insurance policies, different plans are in place to meet all requirements ranging from basic cover to extensive (usually referred to as the gold package).

Vet bills can come as bit of a surprise and can often range anything from a few pounds to thousands depending on treatment.

In our eyes the pet insurance benefits far-outweigh the disadvantages and for that reason we recommend every pet owner consider doing some research into the best policy for them.

The Benefits of Pet Insurance

Peace of mind – all we really want is a happy and healthy pet but anything can happen and at any time. Insurance cover helps with those unexpected vet bills following an accident or diagnosis of an illness.

Variety – insurance providers have an array of policies available for pet owners. Everything from basic cover for a smaller fee to cover medical expenses, to more expensive plans that cover all pet related bills including dental care, kennels, lost/stolen pet and death benefit. You can also benefit from multi-pet discount – adding all furry friends under one policy.

Treatment options – without insurance, your treatment options can be determined by the cost. However, with insurance it’s easier to source the right treatment regardless of price – giving your pet the best chance to recover.

New vet, no problem – The luxury of pet insurance means you have the freedom to choose a veterinary practice to suit your needs – anytime!

If your pet requires specialised help, there may be limited resources at your current practice. With insurance, it’s always an option to find a practice with everything you need.

So... in answer to the original question, YES, pet insurance IS worth it! Protection for unexpected vet bills in the event of injury and/or illness - it just makes sense!

The internet is filled with pet insurance providers so you can find the best policy for your furry little friends.

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