Top 5 Ways to enjoy the Bank Holiday in Lockdown

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It’s strange isn’t it? Almost June already and although it feels like day 4473 of lockdown, the weeks really have flown in. Usually this is the time of the year when spirits are high, the beaches are filled with families and the countdown is on to Summer holidays.

However, inevitably this year’s outlook is a little different. Parents scramble to find anything and everything to keep the kids occupied for longer than 10 minutes. Craft supplies are scarce and it’s becoming more and more difficult to coerce them into homework.

Sit back, take a break and let us help! We’re not experts by any means but with a little research, we’ve come up with 5 simple ways to make sure everyone enjoys this Bank Holiday at home.


1. Keeping active – yes, we’ve been at home for weeks now but the weather has really helped. Let’s make the most of it before we’re back at our desks, moaning to our colleagues about the rain.

Did you know there are countless free fitness activities online that you can do in the comfort of your own home… or garden? We’ve listed some of our favourites below.

PE with Joe Wicks

Fun loving Joe Wicks has turned his living room into a fitness dream, plenty of space and light to help you wake up in the morning. Best thing about weekdays is sitting back enjoying your coffee watching the kiddies (and maybe the husband) sweat it out!

Moving Children with Laura Kool

Available in both English and Dutch, Laura brings a sense of calm and tranquillity to an otherwise hectic morning. Originally designed as a request from her sister, her videos have quickly turned into a YouTube favourite.

Change4Life with Disney

Disney inspired indoor games and fitness activities including ‘Shake Up’ are a fantastic way to get those little feet moving and to some Disney classics… no better combination if you ask us.

2. Cherish these moments – this could be your only opportunity to spend quality time with your family without the disruption of everyday life. Someday the smallest in the family won’t be so little anymore and they’ll be wondering ‘what happened and what was it like?’

Why not jot down the special memories, video the chaos and photograph the fun. It could be a great activity this weekend to create a Lockdown Journal with your family and get everyone involved. There are some great templates online to create your own and one day when this is over, you can be sure they will remember it as a positive and happy time.


3. Give yourself a break – social media seems to be filled with the perfect parents… we’re not convinced!

Try not to compare yourself to everything you see online. Your house doesn’t have to be ‘hinched’, you don’t need to prepare Jamie Oliver style dinners and you most certainly do not have to recreate Channel 4’s Super Nanny when it comes to parenting. You are not programmed to deal with the situation right now and no one expects you to. If you’re a member of a School Whatsapp group or Facebook page, mute it for the weekend, no one needs that pressure!

We’ll let you in on a little secret – if the dog doesn’t get walked or the kids forget to brush their teeth, no one is going to come knocking down your door. And if you decide at 8pm that you’ve had enough, just pour a glass of your favourite beverage and toast to another day done!

4. Virtual fun – A new and improved way to enjoy evenings with friends and family… with your slippers on! Why not mix things up a little this weekend and create a theme and each household must improvise with the choice. It really is like hosting your own party from choosing the venue (video app), picking attendees (carefully!), sending invites (online of course) and coming up with entertainment (questions for your quiz). Sounds like great fun and all from the comfort of your own home.

We narrowed down some of our favourite Quizzes for you to try:


Who am I?

Family Fortunes

Guess the song

Guess the celebrity


5. Dress up Days – A fantastic new trend in many households across the country and now the celebrities are getting involved. Pick a theme, any theme and dedicate that day/night entirely to it. For example, #FootballFriday or #FancyFriday and some have even relived their wedding day! Participants have really stepped up for a tradition once limited to offices and schools.

This bank holiday why not get your family involved and let everyone use their own imagination. You can thank us later!

You see, holidays at home don’t always have to be boring and uneventful. It’s all about making your own fun and more importantly special memories together. Don’t forget to tell us all about it on socials, we’ll even give a shoutout to the best dressed.

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