Ready... Set... Staycation

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This time of year, usually consists of swim wear shopping, getting ‘summer body’ ready and counting down the days to jetting off to the sun. It wouldn’t be 2020 if normal routine wasn’t completely ruined and the next few months will be no different. Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, we have had to adapt to an entirely new way of life and when it comes to holiday season the prospect of cold drinks by the pool and family visits to tourist attractions now feels more like a military operation.

Although there are a number of popular destinations ‘accepting’ UK residents, the reality isn’t quite what many of you would expect. Temperature checks at the airport, restricted beach access and the possibility of 14 days quarantine on return – not much of a holiday if you ask us!

However, travel bridges are in place between the UK and some foreign countries and its perfectly possible to enjoy a much-needed break if you’re willing to abide by the rules in place.

If you’ve pushed holiday plans to the future and hoping to make the most of a staycation instead, we’ve compiled some ideas to help make it a summer to remember.

Have you ever been contacted by a friend or family member visiting your ‘neck of the woods’ asking what there is to do in your area? It’s not long before you can rhyme off numerous fun activities and places to visit for a great day out. Take a leaf out of their book, research and jot down any popular attractions you may have forgotten about that are on your doorstep. It’s easy to forget what’s right in front of you… the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

We can guarantee many of you have used lockdown to spruce up the garden – painting fences, building decking, potting plants and investing in outdoor toys. All that hard work so why not enjoy it a little longer? No more home-schooling and although you might have to return to work, spend your days off embracing your DIY efforts.

No-one wants to spend every minute at home and this includes overnight. Keep an eye on changes to government guidelines as you may have the opportunity to support local hotels in your area for an overnight stay. Treat it just like your typical summer holiday, buy yourself something nice to wear, top up the tan (maybe) and although drinks by the pool might be indoors, it can feel like the real deal.


A ‘no plan road trip’. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Pack up the car or even campervan if you have access to one. Stock up on food, toiletries and travel activities and just drive! No plan, no itinerary, no time frame… just an adventure with your family. Embrace the scenery and the change of pace even if only for a short time – it’s good for the soul.

Now that some lockdown restrictions have been lifted, make up for lost time with your loved ones. Groups of 10 can now meet outdoors and although you must adhere to the social distancing rules, it’ll be nice to see different faces and spend some time together. Social distancing parties and get togethers are the new craze so why not join in!

Support local! We’ve all felt the financial pinch this year and the same applies to your favourite coffee shops and restaurants. Instead of splashing out on lavish meals when abroad, invest locally and give back to the economy. Many of them have offered deliveries when the most vulnerable were required to self-isolate, lets show our appreciation by supporting them when they reopen.

Camping, it’s not for everyone but hear us out. Imagine sitting round the campfire with your friends or family, exchanging stories and jokes, singing or playing an instrument and all with no interference from the outside world. No social media, no daily news reports, just the sound of the great outdoors. Yes, the bathroom options are limited but if and when campsites reopen all the necessary amenities will be available. Grab your essentials - tent, sleeping bag, tools, torch and fire equipment and go for it! have designed a printable checklist with everything needed for a great camping experience.

Look, we understand it’s not quite the summer we had envisioned but there isn’t really much we can do about it considering the current circumstances. Revel in the staycation experience and minimise the health risks and stay within your comfort zone. It’s our duty to make the most of it and really learn to appreciate what we have at home. Bring it on summer 2020, could be the best one yet!

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