Post COVID- 19 Evaluation

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We’ve become so consumed with making it through each day as it comes, it’s tough to rationally consider what life will be like after COVID- 19. Lying awake at night wondering how life became so much more than just ‘living’ and more about really surviving.

Family members just a short car journey away suddenly feel very distant and the novelty of talking through phone and video chat quickly wears off. It is difficult to imagine that first instance when relatives will be reunited.

Friends have gone from being a shoulder to cry on to resembling a crisis helpline, reassuring, and chatting to one another through the telephone… not quite the support each of us needs if we’re honest.

Losing loved ones is devastating in regular circumstances but during this time, it can result in many people having to say their final goodbyes without any real closure.

The relationship between employer and employee has become seemingly more personal, these unprecedented times call for everyone to stick together for the greater good regardless of seniority.

It goes without saying life as we once knew it will never be the same again and it really depends on what you take away from the situation as to how dramatic the change will be. Some will be quite content with the life they lead, the path they’re on and the story they’re writing but others may see this as an opportunity to re-evaluate.

On a personal level, lockdown ending will see a multitude of changes both mentally and physically for a lot of us. The pandemic experience has given us the opportunity to reflect on what is truly important. When considering your life’s journey, just remember you have lived through one of the most difficult experiences life will throw at you. Embrace that feeling of accomplishment and it will give you the strength to move on as a better, more appreciative version of yourself.


It has become apparent this year that the world doesn’t only revolve around money, education and employment but more about compassion, empathy and living within your means. It has given us the chance to think with clarity and better understanding. Here are some ways you can re-evaluate your personal and professional life post COVID- 19:

Spend less time reading and believing everything you see on social media. These forums were designed to give online users a place to voice their opinions – and that is exactly what they are… opinions! Wasting time and energy scrolling can and will affect your mental health. Utilise this time better and avoid as much negativity as possible.

Be sure to remember the people that checked in, asked how you were doing and really listened when it was needed. Although you might feel a sense of relief when this is over, many will struggle to adapt to life again – this is understandable and nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve stuck together through this, lets continue to support one another.

Life doesn’t have to be ‘all work and no play’. We’ve seen first-hand that if your employer goes out of business then so do you… it’s as simple as that. Try not to put everything else aside to concentrate on your job – there’s an entire world out there, enjoy it!

A wise man once said, ‘growing your own food is like printing your own money.’ Since lockdown it seems many of you have been learning to live greener and taking advantage of the beautiful weather and the time to get your hands dirty. It’s easy to pick up packaged fruit and veg after a long day at work, maybe after this you’ll continue to grow your own and live off the land.

A little over a month ago, the idea of spending extended periods of time indoors and in many cases by yourself seemed ludicrous, who really enjoys their own company? Prior to the outbreak socialising was the norm; coffee catch ups, parties and family dinners were a part of everyday life. We’ve now come to the conclusion that many of our days were spent planning what to do next! One key thing we can all take from this experience is to appreciate each and every day regardless of how difficult it is.

There are countless ways to re-evaluate your life post Coronavirus, too many to list. Everyone has their own way of coping, analysing and moving forward and no two people are the same.

Go for that new job you feel you aren’t qualified enough for, reconcile broken friendships, join a sporting club despite having two left feet; put down the mobile, switch off the tv and live life to the full!

Never feel you must put your life on hold just in case – you were put on this earth to exist and to exist with purpose!

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