No Easter Events? No problem!

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Children are resilient, aren’t they? Whisked out of school, torn from their friends and told that under no uncertain terms are they to leave the house unless it is for one form of outdoor exercise a day!

Think about it from their point of view… we as adults aren’t coping well with these unprecedented times and we are fully capable of understanding what is happening (well, kind of), how do we expect kids to just ‘get it?’

You’ve seen the news; you’ve read the articles online and it goes without saying, these are scary times. Loved ones are separated, people are seriously ill, and others are finding it difficult to be alone with their own thoughts.

Adapting to a life outside of routine and structure can and will drive anyone to distraction and now more than ever it is important to find comfort in knowing that one day (hopefully in the not too distant future) things will begin to resemble the life we once considered normal.

Strangers will approach to say hello instead of waving from a distance, key worker staff will be able to greet their family on return home from work as opposed to sprinting to the shower and children will once again hug their friends and family.

Easter is a time of joy, a time to be thankful and let’s face it, a time to devour chocolate like it’s about to go out of fashion. Families gather to paint eggs, friends exchange gifts and of course it always helps to have that extra long weekend! This year things are very different! The government’s measures to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and protect the health service, have cancelled all celebrations this year and it is up to you to fill the days.

Do not fret! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to lend a helping hand and we don’t think you will be disappointed.


  • Show off your creative side – kids can’t quite believe their ‘boring’ parents were once young and may have a few talents hidden up their sleeves. Whether you’re handy with the glue gun, love a spot of gardening or your scientific side is just waiting to be revived… there’s nothing a child wants more than to spend quality time doing the things they love. Turn off the news, ignore the mess and get your hands dirty! The rest can wait!
  • Re-create the ‘days out’ at home – no one said movies can only be watched in a huge room full of strangers! Grab the snacks, print out ‘tickets’, dress up fancy and it’ll feel just like the real deal. Easter egg hunts, obstacle courses and games of tag; you don’t need a wide-open space, just a wide-open imagination!
  • Steal some ideas – the internet is filled with parent guides, social media groups and education websites just waiting for you. Worksheets, craft templates and recipes for the entire family. Any spare wood lying around? Build a play kitchen! Any old rocks and shells hidden in the garage? Build a fairy house! It’s amazing what can be done with what we would usually consider rubbish.
  • Check in time – it’s important to remember that their little minds may be capable of building an entire city on Minecraft, but have they fully come to terms with the change in circumstances due to COVID -19? Life isn’t going to return to normal anytime soon nor will it happen overnight – some of the measures in place may last anything up to 12 months. Check in, have a chat and remind them that no matter what, home is a safe place.
  • Fitness, fitness, fitness – It’s amazing how people near and far have united to help keep people safe and busy indoors. There are celebrities holding morning workout routines, pop stars teaching dance skills and dogs are being walked more now than ever before. Make the most of the opportunity to breathe in fresh air, listen to the birds without the traffic noise and remember there’s nothing better for the soul than a clear head.
  • It’s not a competition – just because the class group chat has been up since the crack of dawn building bird feeders and painting egg cartons, doesn’t mean you have to. Just because the school sent home workbooks to be completed, doesn’t mean they have to be finished in a week and if you ever feel like it all gets a bit much, have a pyjama day and let the kids do their own thing… it’s not like anyone is going to visit anyway!

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