An ode to a Pandemic

114-clock Created with Sketch. Wednesday April 15 , 2020

The clock strikes midnight and the fireworks erupt, we’ve entered not only a new year but a new decade. New Year resolutions are drafted and there’s one thing on everyone’s mind – ‘this is my year!’

We are four months into 2020 and it’s not quite the year we had all imagined. There were rumours of World War 3, Australia caught fire and burned for weeks and now we are battling an invisible enemy. Businesses have shut, countries are in lockdown and government, scientists and health experts are scrambling to find a solution to one of the deadliest pandemics known to man.

It’s taken a while but despite the chaos, the heartache and the tears, people across the world are beginning to really appreciate the simple things in life. Never again will we take for granted the basic tasks we set out to do on a daily basis – whether it be to shop for groceries without gloves, to invite loved ones to visit or to open the door to customers, the once unnoticed privileges have become only a dream.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, it has become apparent that the people we need to appreciate more, value more and treat better are the employees risking their lives to help the world stay safe. The medical staff, the emergency services, the domestic assistants, supermarket staff and delivery drivers; many of which were once considered ‘unskilled’ and undeserving of a pay raise, are now the people holding countries together.


It may seem absurd but there are many positive things we can take from this experience and the future will be brighter in the hope that we never have to witness anything like it again.

Learning to be grateful – Think back to all them years ago when a grown up would stare down at you and utter the words ‘What do you say?’, to which we always replied ‘Thank you’. If you don’t already show your appreciation, this is the perfect time to show how grateful you are, not just when you have to but because you want to. Grateful that you can go to work, that children can go to school and thankful that no one should risk their own life to save another.

Embrace the outdoors – being limited to one form of outdoor exercise per day didn’t seem all that bad to begin with but three weeks in and even the dog is fed up with being indoors. When you do go out though, listen carefully and you’ll notice sounds you’ve never taken in before – the sound of birds chirping, children playing in the garden with their family and with fewer cars on the road you’ll finally notice passers-by saying hello.


Teachers are unsung heroes – children are now at home 24/7 and we don’t know about you but whoever once said ‘if you can’t do, teach’ couldn’t have been more wrong! To control a classroom of young thriving minds and keep smiling in the process is miraculous. Teachers work long and hard and although they mightn’t be with their pupils at the moment, we can assure you that they’re on their mind. They work with complete dedication and usually against all odds – from budget cuts to lack of resources, they continue to mould the future generations. Teachers are gold!

Pasta and toilet roll – Yes, random right? Supermarket shelves were empty as panic buying set in. Never again will we take for granted being able to locate everything on the shopping list or entering a shop without queuing outside (not so bad when the sun is shining). It’s funny how as a nation we chose toilet roll and pasta as our go to items… surely, we could have been slightly more imaginative. Thankfully the stores had us covered and no one went without!

Compassion – it’s a beautiful thing to know you are not alone in this. Each and every one of us are feeling the tremendous effects of COVID -19, some more so than others. As a nation we are in mourning, devastated by the lives lost, the sacrifice made by others and the want for a safer environment to live in. Right across the world there’s one phrase being shared on socials, painted on walls, flown from buildings and sang from rooftops – ‘We’re all in this together’. And we are, the entire population are battling this as one!

The fight – We can do this, and we will! One day you will look back and wonder how you ever coped. The idea of being locked down will become a distant memory, one which our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will learn about in History lessons. The world no longer revolves around religious beliefs, sexuality, race and social status but instead focuses on sticking together and fighting against the enemy – Coronavirus. We have been given a set of instructions and if we abide by these, we will come out of this better, more grateful and compassionate people and we will do it together!

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